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  • City / GIKI
  • Date / 2019-04-18
  • Timing / 14: 15 pm
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  • Date / 2019-04-18
  • City / Lahore
  • Timing / 20: 30 pm
  • Charges

  • Rate / PKR. 1300   PKR.

What Do You Know About Us Who We Are ?

Apollo travellers is one of the first few student based start-up at GIKI offering advanced and structured means of transportations for the convenience of the students.  It is the only transport company to cater to the needs of the student body and faculty of GIKI. Being a transport service provider the start-up holds a large fleet of buses and Hi-roofs.

This organization came into existence back in October 2016 when the Founder Sheikh Mouhde Sohail identified the gap in the market and the requirement of a hassle free transportation means. We provide transportation services mainly for faculty and students from Lahore (which is one of our main routes).

Prior to the introduction of Apollo Travelers if a person had to go to Lahore he/she had to take a (chingchi) outside GIKI gate and go to the nearest station (local adda),take a local hiace and go all the way to Rawalpindi , then take some bus service from there. This was a tiring, hectic and SUPER time-consuming process especially given that the children only have a weekend to spend.

Looking at these aspects, Moudhe Sohail took the opportunity and provided luxury and comfortable buses/Hi-roofs to customer at GIKI. Over a short span of time he has been successful both in terms of finances and scale.

The company went on to expand from Lahore to routes in Islamabad and Faisalabad. In the beginning the company was only catering to 40 people and now it is providing to more than 400 plus GIKIANS.

We not only provide termly service but since 2017 we also initiated a weekend service. Our service not only save time and money but it is also flexible in terms of departure time and needs of the GIKIANS. We also collaborate with GIKI student Societies to assist them in their transportation needs during their events.

Our Mission

Our mission is to expand our services to Karachi and other major cities of Pakistan and cater to the needs of the entire university students that are located in remote areas, particularly ones that do not have a proper transportation facility. We respect and value our customers. We take great pride in all our management team and their dedication towards the company.